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    Derek Curtice, Principal of Simplefit.net

    Certification Review

    Contact us for more information about nationally accredited certifying organizations.

    What nationally accredited certifications should I review to become a personal trainer?

    Which certification should I get to become a personal trainer? It's one of the first questions fitness enthusiasts who enjoy exercise and learning about fitness training ask when beginning to explore options and requirements of becoming a professional personal trainer. A quick Google search will return millions of results to this enquiry ranging from overnight online certification offers to (what we consider) more stable, genuine, and practical results that offer paths to becoming a personal trainer that begin with education and practical training. Interest, passion, drive, genuine humility and realistic expectations for working in the fitness industry are all good and noble attributes to posses for people entering the practice of exercise instruction as a professional. Enrolling in practical and academic training necessary to establish a baseline of applicable knowledge to become a personal trainer is a big first step. The courage and candor one must hold to earn their opportunity and responsibility to truly helping people looking for personal trainers begins with the ability to ask for help, seek mentorship, and take steps to become better educated about what it means to be a "personal trainer" or "group fitness instructor"—but, truly, a fitness professional.

    Which certification company offers the best certifications for fitness professionals?

    This is a controversial and subjective question. Today, certification organizations number in the hundreds. Of these hundreds of certification companies, many offering personal trainer certifications are unregulated. These types of companies usually offer online only certifications that require little education or preparation to pass. The ideal vision behind certification as a personal trainer is that a baseline level and understanding of exercise physiology, kinesiology, and practical application of exercise programming has been formally established by each participant. Additionally, earning baseline understandings of acceptable ethical standards of practice, business conduct and coaching, and continuing education opportunities strengthen a person's ability and competency to start a career as a personal trainer or fitness instructor. Simply put, there are several certifying organizations that spend more money on online marketing than they spend on creating educational experiences and standardized coursework that translate into learning opportunities for people serious about becoming a professional personal trainer. One tip is to look for certification companies that are "accredited" by a nationally accepted independent authority organization. Independent accreditation is one step toward qualifying that a certification company has submitted its' coursework, protocols and procedures for certifying personal trainers by an independent and nationally recognized accrediting body. Respected agencies and organizations that serve in third party accreditation in North America include the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), Distance Education and Training Council DETC, National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE), and the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA, Canada).

    Please feel free to contact us with questions related to personal training, the business of fitness, certification or any related subject matter. We work with educators, consultants, and fitness professionals worldwide to help our industry grow stronger and better connected. Join us in our efforts to help fitness professionals become better prepared to train, inspire, motivate and coach people everywhere to build and maintain healthier lifestyles!

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    Review of Nationally Accredited Certification Organizations for Personal Trainers.

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