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    Personal Training & Group Fitness Marketing for Health Clubs & Fitness Centers
    Group exercise and personal training advocacy—uncompensated fitness program influencer marketing for health clubs and fitness centers.

    Marketing Fitness Programs

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    As fitness influencers and advocates we market health club and fitness center group fitness exercise and personal training programs, free of charge—no strings attached.

    We Market Your Health Club's or Fitness Center's Fitness Programs—Free of Charge.

    I am the principal of Simplefit.net, a directory for personal trainers, group fitness instructors and exercise professionals. We work as advocates or influencers to help people engage in regular physical activity, fitness programs and exercise. Our goal is to market exercise and fitness education, personal training, and group fitness exercise classes worldwide—no gimmicks—so that more people will make exercise a regular part of their lifestyle. We do this because we believe our website visitors can benefit from regular physical activity, fitness training and exercise programs offered by individual fitness professionals, health clubs and fitness centers alike.

    We see traditional "coupon" fee based fitness marketing websites as a real challenge:

    We don't charge a fee to independent exercise professionals for this service because our main focus is on our local "B&M" operation and we, too, have tried several third party marketing campaigns only to realize that not only do we pay a fee to market our fitness services, inevitably we are also expected to lower our prices to attract new members and clients. "Coupon" and paid "referral" systems chew away at our generated revenue resulting in lower profits—often so low that we cannot cover or recoup enough profit to pay overhead. If we have less money to pay overhead we have to make cuts—cuts in budget most affect our ability to be creative and continue education. If we cut education costs what we're really saying is that we can't afford to improve services and client experiences. It's a lose/lose situation. We understand that independent exercise professionals have to pay themselves first—in order to keep their doors open. Without continued education and marketing we all lose our ability to provide high value services AND lose members and clients. This is the vicious cycle we hope to help eliminate for independent personal trainers and groupx instructors everywhere.

    Our system of online advocacy for personal and group fitness services is the solution:

    Our solution is to simply market personal training services and group fitness classes including yoga, aerobics, indoor cycling, fitness boot camps, functional training, strength, endurance and conditioning for sports and athletics, and swimming. We accomplish this by creating compelling pages sharing details about each fitness service, all associated social media channels (like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and others) and your health club, gym or fitness center website. The distinguishing difference between what we do as advocates or influencers is that we dig a little deeper to encourage each participating member to allow their strongest assets—their employee's to leverage our platform to share their unique services, education, practical experience, and carefully written statements that invite potential customers, clients and members to put a name with a face and evaluate for themselves the authenticity, candor, and intellectual humility conveyed by of each of your employees.

    We believe people need—and expect more. Your potential customers, clients and members are NOT uninformed "consumers", they are real people with genuine needs who are better educated and web savvy than ever in our industry's history. Your potential fitness clients are smart and give a great deal of thought and consideration to "their best interest". Additionally, potential customers are likely to investigate your business online, read your reviews, and weigh the opinion of uncompensated 3rd party advocates or influencers—like us. Give them more and you, too, will be rewarded with the opportunity of helping people your organization would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. If you say you're good, it's an opinion. If others say your good—it's a fact!™

    Share your group fitness exercise and personal training programs by registering today.

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