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    How to start a strong business providing personal training sessions professionally?

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    How to start a personal training or fitness business with little experience or money.

    starting a personal training business

    Personal trainers around the world have one overwhelming question to ask me, "How to get a job in a health club as a personal trainer?" Which is a perfectly good question considering that the United States currently employs greater than 260,000 certified personal trainers. A "start-up" faces great competition. Even more, an independent trainer starting a business faces even greater challenges and obstacles UNLESS they follow the following simple rules for building a professional personal training business on little or no capital investment.

    The way I see it, starting a small business "in the hole" isn't a very smart idea. Obviously borrowing money to fund business operations, buildout, labor, etc. can be done—but don't even think about it! Start small. Perhaps you simply spend what money you do have on a nationally recognized personal training certification and use that successful endeavor to add to your resume which can help you get a job at a local gym or health club. Now remember, not just any gym—find a large scale health club that employs honest, good 'ol fashion fitness professionals. People who have been in the industry for many years and want to show you the ropes. Yes, you'll get a little dirty, but you'll learn lessons that will later make you more money than your parents made...more on that later.

    In the beginning you're going to learn about cleanliness, being clean, learning to respect others, business systems, sales training and following orders. Once you get it down and your boss is happy with your maintenance ability and people skills, you'll likely move on to learning how to listen. Listen?! Yes, listen. Always remember, you have two ears and one mouth—use your ears twice as much as your mouth and you'll be a superstar! When you listen, you learn. I can't think of one time I was able to listen and learn at the same time—remember that.

    Take it upon yourself to enroll in every fitness education class you can afford. It will come in handy—and you will make more money. So, you're moving along, learning quite a bit about kinesiology, exercise, movement patters, assessments, the good, the bad, the ugly, etc., right? So when will you become a paid personal trainer? It's coming.

    The day is here! Your boss ask you to "work the floor". Initially it sounds great—they're paying you to flirt with girls and hang out with your bro's, right? Wrong—do so and you're fired. Your boss wants you to start learning from one of your first lessons: Is the club clean? Have you asked any of your club members if they need help? Did you find someone doing something wrong and offer to help? And, did you listen?! If so, you're starting to become a personal trainer.

    Because the club is clean people are in a better mood and appreciate you, and you engage several members daily. You are now building mini-relationships with people who may need your help on day. Now—this is where all those months of training and practical training courses come in handy. You can now suggest to a few of these members that you assess their physical needs and outline corrective measures and exercises that will help them to improve their fitness level, strength and apperciation for your knowledge and services. Guess who becomes your first paying client? Yep, the lady who thre her dirty face towel into the garbage instead of the hamper! Continue reading on page 2.

    Start your personal training career by working in a well established health club.

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