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    Learning how to become a successful personal trainer by working in a health club?

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    How to start a personal training or fitness business with little experience or money.

    starting a personal training business

    Apprenticeship, learn from others by doing. Your boss started you on a "floor training" assignment with a professional certified trainer to help you to put into practical practice what you've learned from various fitness educators, seminars and group fitness lectures. Your first personal training client approached you today! Great news, you are now a personal trainer. After meeting with the client for about an hour you have a better understanding of your clients needs, limitations and expectations. You've learned from screening and assessing your client that she must lose thirty pounds and because she scored one or more health risk factor as outlined from your physical readiness assessment, you responsibly suggested that she speak with her doctor before beginning a new exercise program. Your new health club client appreciates your professionalism and that you were honest with her about real issues challenging her physical fitness, health and safety.

    One week later your first client, "Mary" returns to the health club and asks for you. As you approach her you notice that she is looking you straight in the eye as she thanks you for suggesting that she see her primary care physician. Mary say's " my doctor said my blood pressure is borderline high and the extra weight I am carrying is causing slight pain in my knees." To which you reply, "I'm happy that you spoke with your doctor, did she suggest any limitations with respect to physical exercise?" Mary says, "Nope, let's get busy!"

    Knowing that Mary has slight pain in her knees and is a little self conscious about exercising in front of mirrors, you guide her to an area where there are no mirrors and begin a light workout your written specifically for mary based on both any risks for pain and/or injury and her doctor's suggestions. Mary feels immediately how out of shape and inflexible she really is. The hour passed with more than one laugh and Mary seemed to enjoy her time with you even though she felt quite challenged. She really opens up to you about her physical health concerns and asks your opinion. Great—you now have the responsibility of helping you first personal training client!

    Mary agrees that she felt much better after the introductory workout but is slightly embarrassed to admit how out of shape she felt while exercising. As you listened closely to everything Mary shared with you throughout the workout and short visit to the smoothie bar, you feel confident in explaining your professional opinion. Together, you and Mary discuss possible solutions provided by your health club to help her lose weight and lower her blood pressure. Additionally, she really enjoys your professionalism and ability to communicate with sincerity and candor. During the consultative interview you both decide that regular personal training and occasional swimming classes will best fit Mary's available time, budget and expectations. Mary leaves your office feeling better than ever and excited about the decision she made to work on her fitness and become healthier.

    Welcome to your first personal training client! Mary respects your education and attention to detail. She is happy that her needs have been met and that she is now on a path to becoming more physically active and as a result—healthier. To your credit, you now have a paying client seeing you three times per week and swimming at the club once per week. Of course, if you treat Mary well, she will share her experience with friends, coworkers and family members—more potential clients on the way! Continue reading on page 3.

    Become a personal trainer's apprentice, he or she can help you build your business.

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