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    Marketing Personal Trainers

    Why do personal trainers need to market themselves?


    Personal trainers market themselves to reach a greater audience and help more people—simple. It is necessary to define "marketing." Marketing is simply the activity, development of market infrastructure and a processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging messages that convey value for the collective conscience of a particular market.

    In our experience (marketing personal trainers for many years) personal trainers simply spend a great deal of time preparing exercise programs, interviewing, assessing and training clients. Why marketing? Well, it's a simple matter of client attrition, market share, number of employees and overhead. Business overhead including, lease, build-out, exercise equipment, legal, documentation, signage, taxes, staffing and other business related expenses really add up.

    What type of marketing is best for personal training businesses?

    The best type of marketing for personal training services depends on a specific market being targeted. A personal trainers' target market may vary greatly. Forms of advertising and marketing like websites, business cards and referral marketing might work best, however, a highly competitive and populous area might demand other forms of advertising and marketing like television, radio or corporate seminars and networking opportunities.

    • Niche Directories
    • Magazine Ads
    • Direct Mail
    • Email Marketing
    • Telemarketing
    • Promotional Events
    • Press Releases
    • Collateral Materials
    • Websites
    • Business Cards
    • Social Media
    • Print Advrtising
    • Radio Advertising
    • Banner Advertising
    • Billboards
    • Personal Consulting
    • Group Seminars
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Network Marketing
    • Testimonial Advertising
    • Book Publishing
    • News Programming
    • Trade Shows
    • Television Advertising

    Advantage—online-marketing. Low cost, high volume exposure!

    We advise our clients to maximize low cost or free forms of advertising and marketing. Web-directories, blogging, social media sites—all of these marketing strategies are low cost or free to use and they expose personal trainers to thousands of potential customers within local geographical service areas. Offering training clinics, seminars, corporate group training events, community challenge events, and other endeavors, that allows connection with an audience are strong forms of marketing. Remember, marketing is a repetitious connection and exchange with desired consumers. IHRSA claims "6.4M" people hire personal trainers the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics state there are "231,500" employed (not including self-employed) fitness professionals in the United States—trainers have significant competition. That means, on average, less than 28 clients per "employed" personal trainers—or group fitness instructor. So—if you want your piece of the pie, market, market, market!

    Best regards,

    Personal Training Marketer
    Christopher D Curtice
    Personal Training Marketing Consultant
    Marketing Personal Trainers Since 1996

    (Source: IHRSA 2011). Available from http://www.ihrsa.org
    (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011). Available from http://www.bls.gov

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