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    Exercise First Steps: People of All Age Groups: Getting into Better Shape Lifelong.

    Thinking about exercise?

    Learn how to start exercising—at any age—especially if you're new to formal exercise!

    fitness advice

    Our website, introduced for the purpose of focusing on the needs and interests of our clients, has now grown to be a source of information for people worldwide. As a result of the overwhelming response to our online assistance, we have created “First Steps” to inform people to the point that they feel empowered to make a change in their fitness life.

    Primary for all ages—make sure you do not have an illness, condition or injury that may be made worse by exercise. Gain a responsible assessment of a your current health and fitness ability or limitation. Get direct advice from your physician. The next phase—summarize your motivations and challenges. Accordingly, you must apply specific exercises in a manner reflecting your purest needs.

    First Steps in your Teens & 20s

    People in their 20s typically have physical or appearance reasons for exercise. They are learning about personal goals and limitations. Hormones, peer pressure and emotional variables make working with folks in their teens and 20s especially unique. Our suggestion to the 20s crowd is to balance function with appearance. Ask yourself if your method of training will responsibly enhance your health and lifestyle. Looking a certain way is one thing … feeling and performing with optimal health and efficiency is another, perhaps more meaningful, consideration.

    First Steps in your 30s

    Wow…real life! Perhaps you have just bought your first home; started a family, a business or both. Balancing career, family and other real-life responsibilities becomes more difficult. Without painting all 30-somethings with the same brush, we primarily advise them to start now or don’t stop! If you are currently taking or starting medications to manage your health, heredity or lack of exercise may be contributing to the problem. Getting into or staying in shape physically can be most demanding for the 30s crowd. But, you will feel better, perform more efficiently and build the foundation for your personal fitness success as well as establish a standard for your family’s fitness. Do not limit yourself to the fitness fantasies of your 20s. If you are just getting started, move to the most realistic expectations of your functional long-term overall health, fitness and appearance.

    First Steps in your 40s

    From our experience, folks in their 40s have a measure of family and financial success. Unfortunately, many of these folks have had to put themselves on the back-burner (related to fitness) in order to excel in business, family and lifestyle. If you are managing your health with prescribed medications, this is the time to have the full support of your doctor and to be aggressive in reversing or managing any health problems with increased physical awareness and activity. Most people in their 40s are over the pressures of being perfect. Our initial suggestion to the 40s crowd is to live well! Functional fitness, sports specific, flexibility, lifestyle modification and endurance training should be the foundations of your exercise program. An amazing number of people in their 40s successfully start ambitious activities and make bold lifestyle changes. Whether you have set a goal to climb a mountain, run a race or simply become more active with your family, people in the 40s are truly capable of doing just about anything!

    First Steps in your 50s and Up

    Are 50s and 60s the new 40s? Maybe. We believe when folks reach 50s and up, the body, mentality, limitation and scope or perspective of physical fitness have grown or changed. It is in our 50s and older that we discover true wisdom. The 50s may have more age-related limitations than the 20s crowd, but most definitely have equal ability to live within their personal best in health and fitness.

    For adults over 50, remember:

    • Regular exercise can prevent or delay diabetes and heart disease.
    • Exercise can reduce anxiety and depression.
    • Exercise can reduce arthritis pain. Additionally, exercise can increase or maintain bone density.
    • Regular exercise can improve symptoms of mild to major depression.
    • Regular exercise designed with preventative maintenance, functional fitness, strength and flexibility in mind can help adults stay independent, strong and injury-free.
    • Include endurance activities like moderately intense walking (walking with an elevated heart rate), swimming or riding a bike to improve the health of the heart and circulatory system.
    • Add strength exercises that build stability, muscle tissue and reduce age-related muscle atrophy or loss.
    • Always do stretching exercises, important for keeping the muscles of the body flexible.
    • Incorporate balance and functional fitness exercises, designed to increase proprioceptive response and reduce instability at any joint. These exercises are also useful in preventing injury or falling.

    If you're thinking about exercise, but simply do not know where to start, contact us today to speak with a career exercise professional about your goals and interests. Getting started is the tough part. Once you have a better idea of what you need to do and how to exercise safely and effectively you'll be on your way to living and feeling your absolute best.

    Get to know more about what we do, who we help, why, and experience our culture.

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