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    Motivation: Fear: Anxiety, Facing Fears and Setting Goals to Become Healthier.

    Fear of exercise?

    Do you fear exercise can hurt you or often feel anxious about exercise because of fear?

    Leave Fear, Anxiety, and Excuses Behind You—Become Healthier.


    Wouldn't it be great if none of us had to exercise? The reality is that we simply must exercise. Like it or not, because we live remarkably sedentary lifestyles—we must exercise more often than not. Studies show that regular physical activity, even at moderate levels, reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Regular exercise enhances physical and mental functioning, helps us relieve stress, and allows us to become part of a healthier community.

    According to a CDC report released last summer, 55% of American adults didn't move enough to meet the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week. Considering the new recommendation of at least one hour of physical activity daily—it's quite clear why obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is killing more people in America that all wars, narcotics, and violent deaths combined!

    Experts say there are many reasons people avoid regular exercise.

    They include:


    There's lots of fear and intimidation in the fitness industry. The industry is so confusing. Everyone is making these claims and you don't know what works. You also may feel embarrassed that you don't know how to use the machines at the gym, have no rhythm in step class, or don't own the right exercise clothing or the latest fitness widgets.

    • Positive: If a service or company really cares and can responsibly help you, you’ll know right away if you’re dealing with an intimidating proposition. You can’t be intimidated by your happiness.

    Lack of time

    People put themselves under pressure that they have to get hours of exercise. Especially single career moms will say they don't have enough time or they don't know how to manage their time to fit it in. If you have trouble managing your time, exercise is often the first thing to go. A not so important meeting or a grocery run can hinder your best-laid plans. Heck, a rerun of 'Friends' often sounds better than a trip to the gym.

    • Positive: The reality is—following the basic guidelines as laid out in our website will result in attainable, long term, terrific health improvement results.

    Negative image of exercise

    Does just saying the world 'exercise' bring up unfortunate memories of track or dodge-ball games during grade-school gym? For some people, that's their only experience with exercise, so they start out with a negative perspective.

    • Positive: In an invigorating and comfortable environment of ever-changing exercise modalities, fitness programming, reinforcement strategies, and support mechanisms—we can deliver ultimate accountability, consistency and time-tested candor.

    Slow results

    Seeing and feeling the benefits of exercise does take time, and many people give up long before they get there. Some people are still looking for the magic pill or the 'drink this and you'll lose weight,' many people are still thinking there's a better, faster, easier way, so why exercise?

    • Positive: It is the journey—not the destination that gives us pride in our accomplishments. Do you remember owning your first beat up old Chevy? How proud of it were you? What did it take for you to realize the success you enjoy today? Correct perspective can be a wonderfully strong motivator!


    People think they can't afford a fitness trainer or the equipment or gear they need to get involved in a particular activity. They also have a fear or wasting money on something they won't use or won't like. The reality is—you’re health is never more important, then when you don’t have it.

    • Positive: A dollar spent is a dollar wasted. One dollar invested is—your future. We all drive the best car we can afford, live in the best house and send our children to the best schools—when will we realize that all of our resources 'spent' will be made in vein, if our poor health makes us die before our times? How important will that BMW in the driveway be then? In what are you investing?

    Lack of support

    Without the encouragement of a spouse, fitness trainer, friend, or family member, it's easy to give up. Foundational support for your health and fitness is vital.

    • Positive: Can the people that love you really ignore your happiness and health? Can they be helped to understand your needs?


    Whatever the excuses are for avoiding exercise, in the end, it's a lack of motivation that keeps us from moving our bodies. As anyone who has tried, and failed, to adopt a regular fitness routine realizes, knowing that exercise will benefit you in the distant future isn't the best motivation, but realizing the benefits of an active life with your family and friends is!

    Get to know more about what we do, who we help, why, and experience our culture.

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