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    Frequently Asked Questions:


    Frequently asked questions and answers about personal training and our services.

    Get help starting a new exercise program.

    Your personal trainer is qualified by years of practical experience as a personal fitness instructor in addition to our minimum qualifications including national certification in personal fitness instruction, accredited bachelor's degree in exercise physiology or related field of study, and CPR/AED/ First Aid certification.

    What does a personal trainer do?

    Your personal fitness trainer will help you make a journey in better fitness conditioning. Your trainer is specially trained to safely coach, motivate, and educate you in the process of physical conditioning. Years of practical experience shape the scope of practice for each trainer individually. Your qualified Simplefit personal trainer is competent in executing programming utilizing safe and appropriate exercise prescription, exercise modality, and motivational techniques. Your personal trainer will be responsible for helping you to reach your fitness goals safely, effectively, and with ultimate consideration to your lifestyle, personal goals, limitations, and expectations.

    Why do people need a personal trainer?

    Most folks need a personal trainer because life has simply caught up with you! The days of flat tummy’s and firm backsides can be a distant memory for some of usbut we can correct many physical goals easily with appropriate attention and specific exercise programming. Many folks simply have found themselves in a position where their health and well-being has been compromised by sedentary living. Increased body weight has a direct correlation to terrible diseases related to heart disease and diabetes. Keeping our body weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol down can save our lives! The most important objective in fitness planning is to live a better quality of life. Our mission is to help folks realize that healthy living is simply a choice away.

    Where will a personal trainer work with a new client?

    Your personal trainer will be working with you in our studio or in your home. Our studio is fully appointed with advanced exercise equipment as well as spa, towel service, and well featured locker areas. Should you choose to have your personal trainer work with you at home we shall provide the equipment necessary for a fully invigorating and challenging workout for the home setting. In either event nothing is more important than the safety and effectiveness of your experience with us. We can assist you in any endeavor you may have planned in equipping your home for a more permanent in home fitness center or prepare you with the basic essentials for light workouts or travel needs.

    When can a beginner start with your personal trainer?

    Beginning with your personal trainer starts with a decision in your heart to make a change. We will take it from there. Simply contact us when the time is right.

    What considerations are made when exercising at home?

    I can only emphasize the obvious; equipment can be thought of as tools. We can outline any specific requirements a client may have. We are in the business of teaching fitness exercise and program implementation regardless of the specific tools involved. It is the foundation of our service to first specifically identify one’s personal physical, emotional, and motivational needs. Our responsibility is to safely implement daily exercise in a way which best serves and supports a client’s personal fitness goals, limitations, and long term functional performance.

    How do you help people plan better diets?

    Diets don’t work. Our meal planning strategy is not a "diet." Our clients do use our meal planning  software. Our software outlines, in a very user friendly web based format, better eating based on an individual’s lifestyle and USDA appropriate portion recommendations. Our diet software helps people by offering simple tools including personally, dynamically, populated meal plans, grocery shopping lists, along with dine out and substitution options that focus attention on portion control allowing people to take command of their eating behavior and lose weight, become stronger, or even maintain their current body weight. It is my experience that folks simply succeed with three implemented principles; one - credible direction, two - proper motivation, and three - the ability to be coached. We are responsible for teaching folks what they may need even in our absence. If folks follow our plan they become healthier, happier, fit, and most of all, functionally physically capable of taking on whatever stress comes their way.

    What are 3-5 common benefits (mental and/or physical ) your clients tell you about once they start a program?

    Immediate satisfaction. When folks are accomplishing a goal, even the smallest of goals, they are happiest. Nothing motivates a person more than taking specific actionliterally making a decision to succeed. Of course energy levels, attitude, and general productivity go up within the first week. Within the first month folks are seeing serious fitness gains and have a real appreciation for the decline of daily physical limitations. For example, many folks deal with substantial back pain from day to day; within the first two weeks many of our folks have reported remarkable changes in their daily pain level and improved task functionality. Feeling great is contagious our folks have urged others to get proactive about their personal fitness goals and share their personal stories and experiences to genuinely help others.

    What is your main goal with your clients?

    Our number one goal is to help folks identify their personal fitness needs and responsibly implement exercise and better eating into the fabric of everyday living. We work to inspire, educate, and motivate folks to realize their fitness potential within the boundaries of their goals, limitations, and lifestyle. 

    What drives you/motivates you in this field?

    I am motivated by the folks whom have made a decision to take action in effort to be healthier, pain free, more functionally fit. I am inspired by the testimonies of folks whom have selflessly shared their story with hundreds of thousands of people on our website to help others find inspiration for happiness through better living. I am deeply humbled by our privilege to make a difference in so many folk’s lives, one at a time. 

    What is a reasonable amount of time clients should allow before they see the results of their exercise?

    Is taking action a result? If so, the answer is immediately. I would say the result of taking appropriate action is at the very least  hope. Start with hope; continue with diligent work, follow our advice, direction, and personal coaching - you will succeed! Remember, we believe in starting with the most responsible of goals, perhaps simply making a decision, followed by its accomplishment resulting in success. Folks exercising for weight loss typically lose about one pound per workout or thirty-six pounds per quarter. Our clients whom have committed themselves to more functional fitness and sports specific programming report superiorly increased movement efficiency, strength, flexibility, and endurance previously unmatched within twelve weeks. 

    How much time should a novice devote to working out with a personal trainer before he/she is well equipped to be on their own?

    Our simple advice is to get a true perspective of your needs first. You must completely understand the boundaries of fitness exercise based on your health and physical history, current limitations, risk factors, motivation, and lifestyle. Once these (and many other) factors have been responsibly considered you may proceed with personal fitness training. Remember, the above recommendation is to simply begin. We are personal trainer's with the responsibility and ability to correctly assess your needs and safely coach you through the above mentioned factors while helping you to realize your goals within a range of several weeks to months. The difference between working out and training is that in training we do not guess. We understand the challenges and can accurately predict the result.

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