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    Elliptical Cross Trainer Scheduled Preventative Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

    Elliptical Tips

    Learn how to maintain your elliptical-trainer by cleaning and servicing your elliptical.

    Elliptical trainer service.

    Like most investments, an investment of home gym equipment must be protected by ensuring smooth operation and machine functionality for the life of the machine. Fitness equipment, both strength and cardio equipment, have regular cleaning, inspection, and required maintenance guidelines. A new elliptical cross trainer manufactured by top tier manufacturers typically require little work from the home user. In fact, many top tier brands including Life Fitness, Precor, True, Octane, and Vision, among others require the least amount of user technical experience or maintenance work.

    That said—machines fail. Please take a moment to consider the following easy elliptical trainer preventative maintenance tips:

    Proper Cleaning Techniques, Cleaning Detergents, and Materials for Elliptical Trainers

    • Always place and operate the elliptical trainer in a dry cool environment
    • Clean all areas in contact with a users feet and hands
    • Keep the display console clean—free of fingerprints, dirt, oil, and salt buildup from sweat
    • Using a soft, clean, cloth wipe all surfaces using warm water and a very mild cleaning agent
    • Longer finger nail may damage or scratch display; use finger pads to select display options

    Scheduled Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annual, and Annual Maintenance for Elliptical Trainers

    • Clean display console weekly and inspect monthly for damage
    • Inspect console mounting bi-annually 
    • Clean accessory tray or bottle storage weekly and inspect monthly for damage
    • Clean and dry the frame thoroughly weekly and inspect annually for damage
    • Clean plastic cover and trim pieces weekly and inspect monthly for cracks 
    • Required scheduled preventative maintenance varies by equipment type and manufacturer
    • Always refer to an authorized service technician for repairs, replacement parts, and service

    Inspection, Repair, Common Problems, Noise, Wear Items on Elliptical Trainers

    Typical concerns related to elliptical cross trainer trouble free operation often include misalignment, noise, and failure of moving parts of the machine. The more moving parts a machine has the more complicated its operation can be. Moving parts require precise alignment, balance of friction and lubrication, and must be obstruction free. Loud noise during the operation of an elliptical cross trainer can be found by scrutinizing the above mentioned criteria for moving parts. Often, a bent or misaligned bolt or misaligned plastic housing can be the cause of noise coming from the elliptical trainer. Weakness or failure in operation is another story. If the incline motor is failing, for example, the incline will not operate. If ramp wheels are obstructed or damaged the smoothness of operation will certainly suffer. Elliptical trainer pulleys, drive belts, power cord and electrical components can become loose, disengage, or degrade based on the use of the machine. When any component of an elliptical fails, the machine will become less comfortable to use or completely inoperable.

    Only an authorized certified technician should service the elliptical machines components or parts. All warranty guidelines suggest the owner of a machine complete only general preventative maintenance and cleaning of a machine. Replacing parts including drive belts, electronics, display console, incline motors, flywheel, pulleys, or other machine parts must be completed by an authorized technician.

    Be sure to read the user manual in its entirety. Failure to comply with specific guidelines related to use, misuse, unauthorized service, alterations and modifications of an elliptical trainer can void the manufactures warranty. Again, always use an authorized, certified, technician to complete service and repairs to new exercise equipment. By utilizing the simple cleaning tips and regular maintenance schedule, listed above, of a new elliptical cross trainer users can rest assured that this exercise equipment investment will be well protected for many years of trouble free operation.

    Contact us for treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer or cardio equipment service and parts.

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