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    Advertising, Marketing, Branding for Business Strategies for Personal Trainers

    Marketing, advertising & business branding for personal trainers?

    marketing and branding

    In a web-survey we conducted in 2012, of 200 responding personal trainers, more than 140 (70%) personal trainers responded that word-of-mouth referrals was their only form of advertising and marketing used to build their "brand." While 30% (only 60) offered varied forms of Guerilla marketing strategies, many simply outdated, but recognized forms of marketing via flyer, business card, newspaper advertising, etc. Very few personal trainers responded with experience in branding or marketing.

    How important is building and marketing a business brand?

    Branding products and services models help the general population grasp sophisticated concepts almost instantly. One product example of exceptional "branding" can be found in the example of tissue used my millions of people commonly referred to as Kleenex®. No matter what private label of tissue a consumer uses, a consumer will ask for Klennex®—get it? Moving on to one example of branding a business, actually a service, is a group exercise format widely known as Crossfit. While the exercises performed in a Crossfit class aren't new to most personal trainers and exercise science majors—the public assumes that exercise has a brand, and in the case of the average cult-like Crossfit customer—exercise was invented in group format by Crossfit because the brand or label, culture, user experiences and instructor training have been advertised and marketed to build the brand.

    Is marketing, advertizing and building a business brand expensive?

    Nothing in business is free. Of course, investing into marketing and branding a business will help the business grow and generate more revenue—people simply attach their need to a perceived solution or "brand." Marketing and branding personal trainers, services, private label products and solutions are all a part of the business experience for personal trainers. In fact, personal trainers invest into their businesses in many ways. Schooling, continuing education, certification, recertification and specialized credentialing are just a few examples of investments made by today's fitness professional. Of course, many fitness professionals provide services as independent contractors, studio owners or employees working for health clubs, fitness centers and gyms.

    What examples of private label and business branding can help grow business?

    Consumers expects quality education and services. Branding a personal training business around the concept of service capability, advanced knowledge, sophisticated execution of exercise programming and consumer education are all growing standards of business branding. Successful fitness businesses utilize private label branded educational videos, collateral materials, private label branded nutritional supplements, websites, seminars, press releases, instructor education and training events, organized consumer challenge events, etc. Building a brand means that you have demonstrated a consensus among consumers that your products and services are recognized as viable solutions—almost instantly, like Kleenex®. Remember, people don't ask for a "kleenex" because a logo, they ask for the product because its' brand has been deeply imbedded into the collective conscience of millions of consumers. Branding is not a logo—it is a connection with consumers based on repetitive long-term successful advertising and marketing.

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