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    Learn how to prevent or control obesity and other major health risks with exercise.

    Obesity Video

    Learn how obesity increases other health risks and mortality rates in Americans.

    Please view the following video to learn more about building a healthier lifestyle by making better food, activity, and physical fitness choices.

    Obesity in America

    One-third of adult Americans are obese. Nearly 150 billion dollars goes into obesity related illness every year. Three out of 4 children are overweight obese—these children are likely to develop high blood pressure and risk severe coronary artery disease. By age thirty the same children will develop deadly obesity associated diseases and disorders. These statistics may sound alarming—and they should be. The good news is that most children and adults can reverse many of the symptoms and obesity associated diseases and disorders by eating a better diet and participating in regular exercise.

    Steps to Take

    One of the very first steps to take in order to fight early onset obesity is to take a very close look at daily food consumption. Ask one very important question of the foods you or your children are eating daily—'What is this food doing to my health and body?' Answering this question can start you and your family off on the right track to identifying foods or eating habits that can sabotage heart health, ideal body weight, and, ultimately your life. Next, write down the foods you and your family eat throughout the day and week. How often are fried foods, high sugar foods, and processed foods eaten daily? Begin your new plan by writing down your 'point of origin.' This means that it is very important to know where you are before asking where you must 'go.' Detailed information about your family's daily diet can help a qualified coach, dietitian, or medical doctor make healthy dietary suggestions. Having a clear picture of your current eating behavior can help you to make clearer choices for better, healthier, eating and living.


    Exercise is a must. There is no way around becoming more active if you are trying to live a healthier life. Combining and employing strategies of better eating, daily activity or exercise, and positive thinking and reinforcement is clearly the strongest way to improve physical and mental health. Start with activity or exercise that does not interfere with any current physical limitations you or your family member may have. Of course, always seek the guidance of your medical doctor before beginning a new diet or exercise program.

    Armed with information and help, we can prevent illness, disease, disorder, guilt and emotional pain related to obesity in children and adults. Please visit our website often for more tips, suggestions, video and articles offered to help you lose weight, reverse obesity, and build a healthy lifestyle for your entire family.

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