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    This registration page is your first step toward sharing your values and unique service propositions as exercise professionals and educators. If your registration is accepted we will market you, and your services, by location online via our directory and all SimplefitPros associated social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and many others.

    Our marketing strategy will help people engage in your efforts, highlight your unique service proposition, and increase your ability to reach more people— who are specifically looking for what you do—because you choose to separate yourself from the noise of "me too" competitors in your local area. As advocates we simply choose to support and market unique and qualified exercise professionals and educators—worldwide.

    Please follow the directions exactly as written. Only registrants who have completed the short form below correctly will be considered. After you register you will receive confirmation of acceptance or a message explaining why your registration was not successfully included.

    If you've found us online, you've just experienced one simple example of what millions of other people search for—and see. People everywhere are looking for service providers and educators. As a leader in our industry you can be a part of this experience.

    Please follow these directions exactly for registration:

    1. Please do not copy and paste a biography published online (Website, blog, Facebook, directory, etc). Your biography or message must be unique, original, and unpublished on the internet. We use software to prequalify registration, please comply or do not register.

    2. Your message must be 275-300 words and include all contact information, please write in complete sentences, proofread and correct your page for registration. Profiles that do not comply will not be registered.

    3. Please include all social media of which you are a member and would like people to visit. You may include up to eight links (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc).

    4. You must: please share, tweet, follow, add, connect to all of our social media sites using the provided links located at the top right and left of this page.

    The following link is an example of our SimplefitPros pages created to help fitness professionals connect with our website visitors in Australia.

    * All fields must be completed or this form will not process your request.

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